Passing Bird

After a long time not posting outfits today i decided to finally do it again…. some people asked me to keep posting especially Nil Giha so here i go… I have been for sometime now in love with the dresses from Fall Into Decay so i’ve choosen two of them for this outfits. I am also in love with Chicada poses available only at (Designers United event store) and the shy girly look they give. Hope you like this black and white outfit versions and love Fall into Decay dresses as much as i did.


skin: (fd) Bird skin – Sun Drops
Hair: Waffles! Fargo Jumps in the Farm (designers United exclusive)
(left) Fall into Decay – A 02-black
(right) Fall into Decay – B02white
(left) Emery – Leggings zip (ash)
(right) Royal Blue – Line to the Crown tight (pitch) – freebie
shoes: Kookie – Powder poof (cloud)
necklace: Yummy – Momento Locket
headband: Freshtrash – Large Flower headband
Poses: Chicada by Nil Giha

❤ Lu


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8 Responses to “Passing Bird”

  1. linkademina Says:

    cute:) i love B&W outfits

  2. Euni Kira Says:

    the dresses are gooorgeous. loved the post!

  3. sydneycoba Says:

    like this ❤

  4. Ana Lutetia Says:

    Pretty! ❤

  5. The Jewnas Brothers Says:

    Lovely blog! We added you to the blogroll =]


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