Designers United

Hello! I’m glad to announce that Designers United event is officially opened! It is a one week (15th to 25th August) sale with exclusives, meaning that all this items will be on sale only during this event. The designers participating are:

This is a Fawn
Shade Throne
JM Mai
Singing Moth
Glow Studio

The event is happening on Eugene hosted by Vintage McMillan. You can teleport using this link

I am participating in this event with two different versions of the Fargo hairstyle. This two versions are sold together in one color pack.
Remember these are exclusives and only available during the event days

This one is Fargo Jumps in the Farm

and this Fargo eats tofu

I also just released the original version of Fargo hairstyle in my store.

You can teleport to Waffles! here and here

❤ Lu


2 Responses to “Designers United”

  1. nilgiha Says:

    ❤ you \o/

  2. Brinksie | Jellyfish Says:

    […] first Designers United event organised by Lu Waffle and Nil Giha launched just today, and will last a week, featuring […]

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