not an ordinary sugar cube

Today was non stop day jumping from sim to sim… Fisrt we had the luck to meet Amika Jewell in Mon Amie that gave us a landmark to an interesting store, Burned Rice, where we found at first view a simple cube. Whn we tried it we got amazed with the animations it brings. Really something you got to bring to your house. The Feel Cube Is copy and tintable!

Then we decided to stop by Primary city and explore a bit the work made on this sim, all built to create a comic book online:
In there you can find four stores:   ordinary, joke factory, atmosphere works and living world.
Shin Mathilde from ordinary really does a great work on sculpted shoes with perfect textures, some of the with texture changing hud.

At the end of the day we just got the sugarcube update notecard!!! 😀 New dresses! Sayuri is creating lovely clothes week after week surprising everyone after one year away from sl! We also got that cute duck headphones released today by kru’s boutique right next to Sugarcube!
Well it was a full day and we think it worths this post…

Fargo: sorry for the sad face…i just didn’t slept but I couldn’t resist to spend the day shopping… *blushes*

so what are we wearing…

on fargo (right)
skin: *DEN-DOU* – OD4 Pale skin v2/09 Smoky
hair: TekuTeku – Cry (brown 2)
dress: Sugarcube – tie-dye dress (50% off to group members)
shoes: *ordinary* -tasier – 7 color
necklace: (Yummy) – Nautical charm ne
Headphones: Kru’s Boutique – Animal Headphones (duck)

Lu (left)
skin: (fd) bird skin – sun drops
hair: Barberyumyum – 14 (brown)
dress: Sugarcube – crazy flowers dress (50% off to group members)
shoes: *ordinary* – margay (white)
paperbag: *Joke factory* – throw crab (scripted – really throws crabs)

Cube stool: Burned Rice – FeelCube

❤ Lu & Fargo


3 Responses to “not an ordinary sugar cube”

  1. nilgiha Says:

    YAY you began blogging clothes and ❤ the way you do it 🙂

  2. Frederico Says:

    There ya go girls.

    Good Work

  3. Newreem Waffle Says:

    lovely girls!

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