Passing Bird

August 16, 2009

After a long time not posting outfits today i decided to finally do it again…. some people asked me to keep posting especially Nil Giha so here i go… I have been for sometime now in love with the dresses from Fall Into Decay so i’ve choosen two of them for this outfits. I am also in love with Chicada poses available only at (Designers United event store) and the shy girly look they give. Hope you like this black and white outfit versions and love Fall into Decay dresses as much as i did.


skin: (fd) Bird skin – Sun Drops
Hair: Waffles! Fargo Jumps in the Farm (designers United exclusive)
(left) Fall into Decay – A 02-black
(right) Fall into Decay – B02white
(left) Emery – Leggings zip (ash)
(right) Royal Blue – Line to the Crown tight (pitch) – freebie
shoes: Kookie – Powder poof (cloud)
necklace: Yummy – Momento Locket
headband: Freshtrash – Large Flower headband
Poses: Chicada by Nil Giha

❤ Lu

Designers United

August 15, 2009

Hello! I’m glad to announce that Designers United event is officially opened! It is a one week (15th to 25th August) sale with exclusives, meaning that all this items will be on sale only during this event. The designers participating are:

This is a Fawn
Shade Throne
JM Mai
Singing Moth
Glow Studio

The event is happening on Eugene hosted by Vintage McMillan. You can teleport using this link

I am participating in this event with two different versions of the Fargo hairstyle. This two versions are sold together in one color pack.
Remember these are exclusives and only available during the event days

This one is Fargo Jumps in the Farm

and this Fargo eats tofu

I also just released the original version of Fargo hairstyle in my store.

You can teleport to Waffles! here and here

❤ Lu

Waffles! “Turn it around”

July 11, 2009

I am happy to introduce the new casual, 80’s inspired hairstyle from Waffles! This hair was made as an exclusive for my store at Le.Look! shopping district. You will only find it there. This hair comes with resize script and is modify.

Waffles! store at LE.LOOK! tp here

Don’t forget there is a hunt going on in the Wonderland sims (March Hare and Red Queen) ! There are a lot of freebies, spread around the sims inside small bottles!

❤ Lu

@Waffles! new hair!

June 24, 2009

I just released a new hairstyle… comes with resizer script and is modify.

The hair “lulu” is 50% off today!

You can find it at Waffles! mainstore

❤ Lu

not an ordinary sugar cube

June 19, 2009

Today was non stop day jumping from sim to sim… Fisrt we had the luck to meet Amika Jewell in Mon Amie that gave us a landmark to an interesting store, Burned Rice, where we found at first view a simple cube. Whn we tried it we got amazed with the animations it brings. Really something you got to bring to your house. The Feel Cube Is copy and tintable!

Then we decided to stop by Primary city and explore a bit the work made on this sim, all built to create a comic book online:
In there you can find four stores:   ordinary, joke factory, atmosphere works and living world.
Shin Mathilde from ordinary really does a great work on sculpted shoes with perfect textures, some of the with texture changing hud.

At the end of the day we just got the sugarcube update notecard!!! 😀 New dresses! Sayuri is creating lovely clothes week after week surprising everyone after one year away from sl! We also got that cute duck headphones released today by kru’s boutique right next to Sugarcube!
Well it was a full day and we think it worths this post…

Fargo: sorry for the sad face…i just didn’t slept but I couldn’t resist to spend the day shopping… *blushes*

so what are we wearing…

on fargo (right)
skin: *DEN-DOU* – OD4 Pale skin v2/09 Smoky
hair: TekuTeku – Cry (brown 2)
dress: Sugarcube – tie-dye dress (50% off to group members)
shoes: *ordinary* -tasier – 7 color
necklace: (Yummy) – Nautical charm ne
Headphones: Kru’s Boutique – Animal Headphones (duck)

Lu (left)
skin: (fd) bird skin – sun drops
hair: Barberyumyum – 14 (brown)
dress: Sugarcube – crazy flowers dress (50% off to group members)
shoes: *ordinary* – margay (white)
paperbag: *Joke factory* – throw crab (scripted – really throws crabs)

Cube stool: Burned Rice – FeelCube

❤ Lu & Fargo

Two news, two girls, Twosome

June 18, 2009

This time this post is not about Waffles! hair, it is about our favorite clothes. As we said in the first post of this blog we got together to show our favorite clothes, outfits, moods and ambients. Also, in here we want to announce two new releases of Twosome (one top and one cardigan). We loved the cuteness of the cardigan and how sophisticated was the top, so we decided to share.
So… This post is not only about the celebration of the quality of Twosome, that keeps the difference by a defined style (from the ads to the hand draw clothes) but also to the friendship and team spirit and so, what better for a start? The team (Lu Waffle and Fargo Zeplin) following the example of Twosome and the team work of (Visa Volare and Shelby Wrangler).
We hope that this good mood and friendship can be shown through our blog and work for good moments of a sophisticated sl.

1st outfit:

Fargo (on the left)
skin: (fd) Bird Skin – Heavy Brow
hair: *0 Style*Justine*(Raven)_M
top: Twosome – Retro Swimsuit Grey
skirt: NINIKO part of denim onepiece
headpiece: =Ft -Large Flower Headband
shoes:*Untone* Gladiator Caramel
socks: en Svale – free knee socks
mouth accessory – Scribble – Jelly Pens (Black)

Lu (on the right)
skin: (fd) Bird skin – sun drops
hair: *SHOP SEU* – fuafua hair [apricot brwon]
shirt: *MIU* – flowercamisole(beige)
cardigan: Twosome – Polkacardi
pants: Maitreya – Rolled Skinny Jeans – #07
bracelet: Twosome – yummychunkybracelets! (green)
bag: .:MANNA:. – Hepburn Bag
shoes: *Untone* Gladiator Chocolate
cheek blush prims: [ Love Soul ] Cheek & Lip

2nd Outfit

Fargo (on the right)
skin: (fd) Bird Skin – Heavy Brow
hair: *0 Style*Justine*(Raven)_M
shirt: *MIU* – flower camisole (brown)
skirt: NINIKO part of denim onepiece
socks: en Svale – free knee socks
headpiece: =Ft -Large Flower Headband
mouth accessory – Scribble – Jelly Pens (Black)
book: Scribble-Moleskine (Class Notes)

Lu (on the left)
skin: (fd) Bird skin – sun drops
hair: *SHOP SEU* – fuafua hair [apricot brown]
shirt: Twosome – Cubotop
jacket: &Bean – Maps! \o/
shorts: *COCO* – PumpkinPants Black
socks: en Svale – free knee socks
bag: .:MANNA:. – Hepburn Bag
cheek blush prims: [ Love Soul ] Cheek & Lip

❤ Lu Waffle & Fargo Zeplin

Waffles! Bonbon

June 15, 2009

I just released a new hairstyle called Bonbon, comes in twelve colors with resize script and is mod.

You can find it in @Waffles! mainstore

@Waffles! and Syrup

June 9, 2009

This is the blog about @Waffles! hair store! Here you will be able to find all the updates of the store, as well as some outfit suggestions, done by me and Fargo Zeplin, with things from our favorite designers from sl. Our goal is more than share what is new, to share ambients and moods.

Today i also use this post to share the new release of @Waffles! (Miucha hair). You can find it in the store in twelve colors. This hair also have a resizer script.

❤ Lu